Overview – Governance

AUUF is self-governed by a democratically-elected Board of Directors which includes the immediate past President,  4 Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and 4 Trustees. The Board holds monthly meetings; minutes are available. As a self-governing body, the Fellowship operates under its own By-Laws and Policies.

The magic behind this Beloved Community is the work done by committees. These teams of volunteers serve the Fellowship in a variety of ways, from parties and community service to painting the hallways and greeting visitors. Anyone – member or friend – is invited to serve on a committee. To find the group that is the best fit for you, contact the Chair of any committees in which you are interested.


Links to the minutes of Annual Congregational Meetings in which the officers and trustees are elected, the annual budget is approved, and other business matters are handled; and Special Congregational Meetings in which the congregation addresses specific, urgent matters are all found in Congregational Meeting Minutes

Minutes of monthly Board meetings are compiled by year and available from the pages below:

Board Minutes 2017

Board Minutes 2016

Board Minutes 2015

Board Minutes 2014

Board Minutes 2013

Board Minutes 2012