Welcome to our Beloved Community

flower.communionWelcome to our ”beloved community,” the Amarillo Unitarian Universalist Fellowship!

The AUUF is dedicated to living out Unitarian Universalist principles binding us to a much larger and historically rich tradition.

Our members are independent in mind and spirit, but united in our devotion to nurture and care for one another as well as our neighbors in Amarillo and around the world.

In any church – even those professing firm doctrines – there are always members who differ in belief, although this truth is often left unspoken. In contrast, AUUF members are free to openly express differences, yet we are joined in love in the midst of our variety. Our members represent a unique mix of faith traditions, or have no prior religious affiliation, or consider themselves as seekers of truth. As we affirm every Sunday during worship, “Love is the doctrine of this church,” pure and simple.

This reflects an emerging social reality, where people of goodwill can be brought together rather than torn apart over religion. One of the greatest joys of the AUUF is belonging to a community where we’re always gaining new insight from beloved friends whose viewpoints and backgrounds may differ from our own.

This freedom to responsibly follow a spiritual and intellectual path and find a supportive community truly makes the AUUF a “safe harbor.” Our members are gay and straight, range from infants to older adults, embody different ethnicities, and come from all walks of life. We work for justice, tolerance, environmental responsibility, and strive to be peace-makers.  In 2016 AUUF became a member of Open and Affirming Congregations of the Texas Panhandle.

If you’re seeking a place of belonging where you can be free from judgment because of your beliefs or whom you love, or you simply need the freedom to grow on your own spiritual and intellectual journey, the AUUF might very well be the place for you.

In the past few years, our membership has tripled, we’ve added a second Sunday service to accommodate our growth, and we’re regularly creating new opportunities for study, service, and fellowship.

One Unitarian Universalist, Andrea Lerner, has said, “Our faith is not interested in saving your soul—we’re here to help you unfold the awesome soul you already have.”

The AUUF is a wonderful place to “unfold your soul” because of our positive, supportive, welcoming, and loving members. It’s a privilege for me to be part of this growing congregation that’s like no other.

Please discover our beloved community, and share our journey.