Quilts for Refugees




Presenting 15 quilts to RST 1-30-17 Rosalie, Joe, and Gary present 15 homemade quilts to the Refugee Services of Texas in Amarillo on January 30, 2017.  They were delighted to receive them. 

April 19 9quilts 6 baby quilts Sherry & Me

Sherry Shaw with baby quilts at left and Gary at right holds up a twin-sized quilt (one of nine donated on April 19) to Refugee Services of Texas in north Amarillo.

Members of AUUF volunteer as part of the Social Action Committee to make quilts for local refugees with Refugee Services of Texas as the conduit for their delivery.  If you sew and want to be a part of this project, you may do your sewing or piecing at home rather than bring everything to the Fellowship.   If you want to participate but do not know how to sew, you can still help by bringing fabric, sewing  thread, and other sundries to produce quilts with rather simple designs but with color and warmth. The resettlement manage at RST expressed a need for full or double bed size quilts but for the children twin bed size quilts, with about double the number of  twin-size quilts.

Here are  full-size quilt tops yet unfinished.  (You can click on a photo to enlarge the image.  Just click on the back arrow at the top left to exit back to the full page.)



And here are some of the twin-size quilt tops we have made.  Join the fun!

 falcon-twin1    GB Against the Rail twin top5  GB 10in squares twin top6



Other sizes of quilt tops are shown here.






Here are the first  full-size quilts to be finished with backing, free-hand quilting and edge binding–ready for a refugee family to use.


full-j-1full-j-2Sherry Full Owls














And here are the first twin-size quilts to be completed with quilting and binding.


Gary Twin4 completed  GB scraps completed  GB twin jellyroll racer  Joe twin completed

Joe twin2 completedGB 10in squares twin  GB patchwork twin  Joe triangle twin

GB 10 in squares twin finished 1

GB 10 in squares twin finished 2  GB 10 in squares twin finished 3  GB 10 in squares twin finished 6

GB10 in squares twin finished 4  GB 10 in squares twin finished 5



And here are other sizes of quilts that are quilted and bound.

falcon-crib-quilt  small twin 1  small twin 2





Each quilt has a label fused to it like this one.