Lindy recycles! Do you?

As the recycling climate in Amarillo is changing, this is the latest information available. Since KB has discontinued their residential pickup of recycling, a new company has formed to fill that gap. It is Porter Waste Solutions. The contact person is a friendly and efficient young woman named Taylor Hamm. Her phone number is 806-674- 5985. They not only pick up recyclables at your home but from your porch, so you don’t have to carry and leave the bins out at the curb. Prices, including taxes, are $20 for biweekly and $40 for weekly pickup. They even pick up plastics, which are apparently stored somewhere for sale when the market changes.

Individuals who don’t want to pay for this service can still take their recyclables to Four States Recycling at 4110 E. Amarillo Blvd., south of the overpass. They no longer take plastics, but they do take all kinds of paper (preferably sorted between white office paper and slick paper inserts, magazines, newspapers, etc.), cardboard, and aluminum and tin cans, separately. They no longer take electronics (but we believe Best Buy does). Four States does not take glass or plastic bags.  Most supermarkets have bins for plastic bags just inside their doors. If we remember to use our cloth bags, we’ll limit the need for bags to be recycled.

We can also take our recyclables to Target. Just to the right of the entrance are smallish containers for several materials. I understand they take glass; all plastics (but we haven’t determined where those items end up); white paper, but not slick paper or magazines; aluminum cans, but not tin cans. They do not take plastic bags.

Our cardboard can still be taken to the big green dumpsters on all Amarillo school campuses and at many other locations. Apparently, there has been some confusion about KB’s official stance on this issue, but the owner had told a large group that they would love to recycle our cardboard. They just ask that we deposit the materials outside of school hours.

The rumored re-entry of the City of Amarillo back into the recycling business apparently is not happening in the near future. We have attended a couple of meetings, and nothing is really planned along that line. But hopefully, with “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part” (our 7 th  principle), we responsible UUs can put forth a little extra effort, recycling everything we can, helping Lindy, the Rakers’ dog, recycle!

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