Donations Needed for AED

Given the number of senior members, their average age and overall health issues, the Fellowship has been very lucky up to this point in not needing to call 911 and not having an onsite medical emergency. Bruce Fielder and the Board of Trustees see the fully automated AED device as necessary insurance for our members.  It is much better to have this life-saving device than to wish we had had one following a fibrillation event.  Even though the fire station on 45th is rather close to our location, this fully automated defibrillator would be a faster solution in an emergency than waiting for firemen or medics to arrive. The first three minutes are the most vital in such a case.  Dr. Nichols stated he would want someone to use this defibrillator on him first, then call 911—not the reverse. No training is necessary with this automated AED.  It “talks” the person administering aid step by step and shows pictures of the procedures. Not having an AED when the need arises is just poor planning.

However, we need your help to equip the Fellowship with this rather expensive life-saving equipment. An automated AED runs around $1,800.  We encourage our members to make a special donation to help offset the cost of this much needed equipment which has not been listed in the annual budget.  You can place your donation in one of the envelopes provided in the foyer and indicate on the envelope that the donation is earmarked for the AED Fund.   Your donation would, of course, be tax deductible.  More importantly, this donation could save the life of a dear friend and fellow UU.

Perhaps this would be an opportunity to reach out to Jewish custom concerning donations.  “Eighteen is the numerical value of the Hebrew word ‘chai’ which means ‘life.’ It is a Jewish custom to give monetary gifts in increments of 18, thus symbolically blessing the recipient of the gift with a good long life.  When giving charity, the number 18 has another significance. It expresses our prayer that the merit of the charity given stand in our good stead, that we be blessed with life and prosperity.” (Chani Benjaminson)  Coincidentally, one hundred donations of $18 would pay for the AED and shipping.  Of course, multiples of 18 would be gratefully accepted.  Please consider donating at whatever level you find comfortable.

Martin Sauer Photography to Benefit AED Fund!

One of our long time members, Martin Sauer, has offered that any proceeds from sales of his photographs to an AUUF member/friend will be donated to the AED Fund since the playground project is completed and paid for. There are a few photos hanging in the back hallway, and he has also said that any picture on his Facebook page is eligible for the above offer. His phone # is 806-236-6624. The 13 x 19” prints are $50 each; framed they are $200. He is also offering 8 x 10” prints for $25 and has also added 5 x 7” prints for $10 each.   Martin’s pictures are still for sale.  There are some new ones showing in the back hall.   Martin’s photographs of this area of the Panhandle are spectacular!  Martin’s pictures are still for sale; however, all proceeds now go towards the AED Fund.  So think about it and let’s see how much money we can raise for the life-saving equipment at the Fellowship!

As of 9/19/2017 we have a total of donations for the AED Fund of $1597.  Thanks to those donors.  We need more of you to contribute.