Our 7th Principle in Action

The Social Action Committee is hoping to get our congregation and friends involved in recycling, but because of lack of storage space, we’re not able, at this time, to provide a place for you to bring your materials to the fellowship to be accumulated and taken to the recycler.

7th PrincipleThis endeavor relates to the 7th principle of UU: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”

The fellowship currently pays a local recycler to come to the building to pick up the agreed-upon items that result from our services and other gatherings. Most Amarilloans don’t know this, but there is another recycler that does not charge for recycling and does not pick, but we have to take our recyclables to them.

Some of us are already doing so periodically, and we’d like encourage the rest of you to do so, if possible. But we’re considering alternatives by which we might be able to take recyclables for those who can’t or aren’t comfortable doing so themselves.

The recycler is Four States Recycling at 4110 E. Amarillo Blvd. Their website is FourStatesRecycling.com. They are open during regular office hours on weekdays only. Sort your materials before you go, preferably putting them in plastic bags, sorting into aluminum cans, #1 plastic, #2 plastic, white office paper including personal documents, mixed paper including junk mail and magazines, and cardboard.

To reach their facility, go east on Amarillo Blvd., past Grand Street about one block, where you’ll reach an overpass. Don’t go up on it, but get in the right lane going alongside the overpass, on the south side. A tall sign and a white metal fence on the right lead into the parking lot, toward a large blue building, where you can park. There are not employees to direct you or carry for you, though they can quickly answer questions. Carry your recyclables into the large doorways on the north side of the blue building, look in the containers, and dump your materials in the appropriate places. Keep your plastic bags to refill at home or at your office. (Bags can be recycled at your local supermarket.) Be observant so as not to interfere with the workers driving forklifts and dumping containers.

If you need more information or would like to volunteer to take recyclables out there for others in our congregation, call Janda Raker at 352-0589 or e-mail her at Ljraker@suddenlink.net.