Amarillo Unitarian Universalist Fellowship makes its facility available to members, friends, and community groups according to the policy and fee schedule below:

Facility Use Policy

While it is important to respect and sustain the investment in the physical facilities of the AUUF, it is the policy and practice of the Fellowship to make the building as available as possible to members, friends, and the larger community who share common values. This availability is an opportunity for outreach, and expansion of our values in to the community and commitment to be of service in the community.

It has been and will continue to be the practice of the Fellowship to make the building available without cost, schedule permitting, to members and friends* for rites of passage and other celebrations. For funerals, memorials, and other end-of-life observances, the caring committee will assume responsibility for preparation, clean-up and closure of the building following the event. For other celebrations, the member or the group involved assumes these responsibilities.

It has been and will continue to be the practice of the Fellowship to make the building available without cost, schedule permitting, for organizations closely associated with a member or members of the Fellowship for programs that do not include fundraising for the organization or any individual(s) and that do not conflict with the values of the Fellowship or the UUA. If the event is intended for fundraising, regular building use fees will apply.  If the event is intended to raise funds for a special project, the Fellowship may, with approval of the board, become a co-sponsor, and building use fees would be waived. The AUUF’s president and/or delegate shall have the authority to waive the fees on a one-time basis. When a group wants continuing use of the building, any waiver or reduction of fees must be approved by the board. These policies also apply to groups associated with the Fellowship, including, but not limited to, covenant groups. For outside organizations, the member assumes responsibility for preparation, clean-up, and closure of the building. For groups associated with the Fellowship, the group assumes these responsibilities.

See current fee schedule. (below)

*Friends are those who are committed to and regularly participate in Fellowship activities, but are not currently enrolled as members.

Clean-up means leaving the building in appropriate condition for the next activity involving the facility. It includes:

  1. Replacing any furniture moved
  2. Removing items brought in for the activity
  3. Sweeping and/or spot mopping floors in rooms used
  4. Taking any food or beverage items or trashcans containing food or beverages to the closed garbage container in the kitchen. Trash can liners should be replaced. If the kitchen garbage can is full, the trash needs to be taken with them and plastic bag replaced.
  5. Making sure toilets have been flushed, and that there are paper towels and toilet tissue available.
  6. If the kitchen has been used, food should be removed, counters cleaned, dishes washed and the floor swept or spot mopped as needed. No perishable food should be left unless it is known how and when it will be used. Any food left must be in a sealed container; there should not be a single crumb left to attract bugs.

Closure means reviewing the list of items to be checked on leaving the building. This list is posted across from the kitchen and should be given to the person responsible for each group using the building.

Facility Use Fee Schedule

The congregation of the Amarillo Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is happy to make portions of its building available to friends in the community. However, the nature of the Fellowship is such that it cannot provide all the services customarily associated with the rental of a building. Unless otherwise noted renters are responsible for room setups and cleaning of any used space and Chandler Hall and are prohibited from using the Fellowship sound system in Chandler Hall and supplies such as coffee, napkins, etc. All building use requests will be reviewed by the Building Chair. Requests for extended use of the building by any group will be presented to the Building Committee. The final decision on building use will be made by the Board of Trustees. Members of the Fellowship may host occasional meetings of nonprofit organizations with which they are affiliated for no charge, providing appropriate scheduling, cleanup, security, and use of non-Fellowship supplies are maintained. Additional arrangements may be negotiated with the Building Committee. All building use contracts/agreements must be in writing and kept on file while in effect.


Income Producing Functions:

Fellowship Building                                                               Board Room
Full day           $150                                                              Full day           $50
Half day           $75                                                               Half day          $25

Building Use on a Continuing Basis by a Non-profit Group:
                                                             1993-1994                   2006-2007
Chandler Hall and Kitchen                     $40                              $50
Board Room                                          $20                              $25
If fewer than 15 people attend such a meeting, a fee of $2 per person will be charged.

Building use by a Non-Profit Group on a One Time Basis: (weddings, etc.)
                                                             1993-1994                   2006-2007            2009-10
Chandler Hall                                        $40                                $75                      $200
Chandler Hall and Kitchen                     $70                              $100                      $300


Key deposit $10                                  Cleaning Deposit $40-$100